Tips to keep your slate placemats clean


Slate placemats are common nowadays and can be seen everywhere, whether it's workplaces or restaurants, hotels or your home, slate placemats are now the preference of everyone due to its interesting feature. One is you can keep your children distracted if they are unable to wait for the food at the restaurant, you can get them to draw something. Slate placemats also allow you to write your regular to-do list if you forget things a lot. 


As your mats are in a lot of use everyday, make sure to get them cleaned on daily basis, Here are some tips to help you regarding the cleanliness of your slate placemats:


Erase the mat every time you use it. If you make use of it quite often every day, close it at the end of the day to avoid stains or marks. If you leave a note for a few days, rewrite it elsewhere on the board and delete the original entry.


Wash the mat from time to time. It is advisable to clean it 2 or 3 times a week if it has a lot of use or whenever you see that they are forming spots. To make a light cleaning, moisten (do not wet) a rag or sponge with soap water. Rinse the soap with another cloth moistened with water and then dry the slate. Another option is to use glass cleaners or a cleaning product for slates and clean with a dry cloth or absorbent paper.


Clean drafts once a month. If dry and waxy marks are forming on the erasers, they will not work on the slate. Felt erasers will last longer and you can clean them easily if you scrape the surface with a knife. Other types of erasers have layers of moistened pads that you can pull and remove when they are already dirty. You can also use microfiber cloths as erasers, and you can wash them by machine or by hand. Visit for more information.




If there are slits on the mat because you have pressed the pen, you will have to scrub harder. This type of damage to the surface of the mat will make erasing difficult, no matter what type of erase you use.


If necessary, buy a product to clean slates. Many of these products are quite expensive, but very effective. If you want to keep your slate placemats looking new for many days, you need to do regular cleaning. You can purchase a good quality cleaning product recommended by blackboard or slate-ware manufacturers such as the Expo brand.


Some people claim to have been successful using abrasive products such as baking soda, toothpaste or stronger chemicals. Though these products can remove stains, but the surface of the slate can be damaged due to such rough materials, which will make it difficult for dry erasers to erase even the marker stains. Many ammonia-based cleaning products such as glass cleaners can be used for daily cleaning but are not recommended for deep cleaning.  Meanwhile, water with soap or vinegar removes weak spots, but it is almost impossible for it to remove stains that the dry marker eraser cannot.